Banking & ATM

Cards with the Plus and Cirrus logos are the easiest to use and most widely accepted in Korea. Some places even accept international cards like China UnionPay, Maestro, Electron, and JCB cards. Banks as well as other sites have ATMs (automatic teller machines), where customers can make withdrawals, deposits, and fund transfers. However, as all…

Korea passcard

Korea Pass    Korea Pass is an all-in-one travel card that can be used to pay for accommodations, tourist attraction entrance fees, and shopping purchases. You can also activate the transportation function of the Korea Pass by charging it outside the subway or at any number of convenient locations throughout the country. The card can…

Tax Refund

Tax Refunds    1. What’s a tax refund? In Korea, sales taxes are included in the purchase price of each product. If you’re a visitor to Korea (non-resident) and are taking goods out of the country, you may be eligible for a tax refund upon your departure. ● Refundable taxes: VAT/sales tax (10%) and special…


Insadong-gil is “well known as a traditional street to both locals and foreigners” and represents the “culture of the past and the present”. It contains a mixture of historical and modern atmosphere and is a “unique area of Seoul that truly represents the cultural history of the nation.” The majority of the traditional buildings originally belonged to merchants and bureaucrats. Some larger residences, built for retired government officials during the Joseon period, can also be seen. Most of these older buildings are now used as restaurants or shops.
 Jonggak Station (Station #131 on Line 1, Station #329 on Line 3, Station #534 on Line 5), or Anguk Station (Station #328 Line 3)