Coex Convention Team
Most event organizers find it essential to put together a staff of capable, experienced professionals to help them plan and execute their event. Whether you call them DMCs(Destination Management Companies) or PCOs(Professional Convention Organizers), one thing is certain: You want skilled professionals who have an excellent understanding of the venue, the host city, and of the needs and concerns particular to your event.
Coex Convention Team is an ideal choice to assist in planning your event.

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Exhibition Halls
Hall A
Located on the first level, the 10,368m2 Hall A can be partitioned into 4 rooms that can accommodate 520 booths.
Hall B
Consisting of a 7,290m2 exhibition hall and swing space, Hall B located on the 1st floor can be partitioned into 2 rooms. Will minimum pillars and enough distance in between, the space can be used flexibly capable of accommodating 360 booths.
Hall C
Located on the 3rd floor, Hall C is 10,348m2 including a space without any pillars making it more advantageous for massive events, banquets, or exhibitions
Hall D
Located on level 3, Hall D is a huge multi-purposed room with a capacity of 7,000 persons, which makes it ideal for massive international meetings, opening and closing ceremonies, national conventions, mega events, general assembly, fashion show or concerts. In spite of its enourmous size of 7,281m2, that it has no pillars in the space maximizes stage concentration and performance. Various events can take place using moveable stage system and the space is also fully equipped with exhibition trench box, electricity, communication, plumbing and air system.
Meeting Rooms
Grandball Room
Major use include academic meetings, banquets, ceremonies and exhibitions and it can be divided into 5 rooms
Conference room(north)
Summit, senior level (#201) or small meetings
※ ASEM Hall (#201) : designed for ASEM held in Coex in October, 2000. A circular room with embracing traditional Korean and modern design
International meetings, large symposiums, ceremonies and performances
Conferance room(south)
Can be used for meetings, small and middle sized seminars, educational events and banquets of various size and be divided into maximum 48 rooms
Conferance room(south4F)
Small and middle sized international meetings, ceremonies, seminar, small performances and events(401)