*2017 New Program – One Korea Tour –

*2017 New Program - One Koprea Tour -

A Very Special Experience with a North Korean Defector/s


08:30~09:00 Registration (Koreana Hotel 8th floor Panmunjom Travel Center (PTC) desk)
09:00~10:00 Take the Freedom Highway to Odusan Unification Observatory
10:00~11:30 Reunification Observatory(Special experience with North Korean defector/s)

Video watching “Today,Tomorrow and the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

A speech by NK defector/s

An art performance by NK defectors(Min. of 50 people will be required to see the performance) Q&A & Visit the unification Exhibition hall

12:10~13:00 Lunch (Bulgogi)  * Hotpot Bibimbap is provided for Vegan and Muslim


13:00~16:00 Imjingak Park, DMZ tour

(3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dorasanstation,Dora Observatory)

16:00~17:00 Arrive at the Koreana Hotel in Seoul


Tour Fee

Tour Fee : 85,000won
Children: the same as adults
Infant: Free

(Transportation, English speaking guide, Lunch and Entrance fee and Tax included)

Tour Rules

  1. Passport
  2. Dress simply
  3. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited

*No tour on Mondays and National Holidays.

Attention :If there are less than 15 tourists for the tour, it may be replaced with a tour of the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel(Start at same place. Tour fee 65,000won) .

Panmunjom Travel Center(PTC) has devoted to create these tour programs to give tourists an accurate understanding of the North Korean regime and the implications of its policies and philosophy on the countries around it, as well as the rest of the world. This tour hopes to appeal to the international community to actively support the reunification of the Korea peninsula which South Koreans have been longing for. This program is a special tour you can only experience through our company.

1.During the tour, a North Korean defector will explain North Korean things to you and answer any question.

2.In addition, during the visit to the West front area along the Demilitarized Zone (3rd Infiltration Tunnel , Dora Observatory , Dorasan train station, Imjingak ), an experienced professional tour guide will explain about the situation between North and South Korea and we will explore the history of how and why North and South Korea divided.

For the main experience : Visit Odusan Observatory and view acroww the Imjin river to North Korea. Watch a documentary about North Korea, meet with a North Korea defector (questions and answer), take pictures and visit the West front near the DMZ attractions at the 3’rd tunnel.


*Please click + mark to see each description.

  • Odusan Unification Observatory

    Located in Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Odusan Unification Observatory was established to console the feelings of dispersed families and provide an educational site for the unification education through B5F to 1F in 1992.

    The observatory is situated in the northernmost ceasefire line of the western front where Hangang River, Seoul’s lifeline, and Imjingang River meet. It offers a wide view of Songaksan Mountain in Gaeseong to the north and 63 Building in Seoul to the south. Also, it is a valuable unification security tourist attraction related to Imjingak, the 3rd Tunnel, and Panmunjeom (Joint Security Area) stretching along Jayu-ro in the northeast.

    Since opening, almost 1,900,000 people have visited the observatory to feel the reality of the division, making this area the best national unification educational site.

  • Imjingak Park

    Imjingak Park, located 7 km from the Military Demarcation Line, is now at the forefront of tourism related to the Korean War. Imjingak was built in 1972 with the hope that someday unification would be possible. The three-storied Imjingak is surrounded by several monuments, Unification Park and North Korea Center.

    Over 400 photos and documents showing the stark reality of North Korea are displayed in the North Korea Center of Unification Board. Outside Imjingak, there are 12 unique tanks and warcrafts on display that were used during the war.

  • Dora Observatory

    Situated in Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do and at the northernmost point of the Military Demarcation Line, Dora Observatory replaced the previous Songaksan Observation Post. From the observatory, visitors can overlook North Korea and various locations including Gaeseong, Songaksan, Kim Il-Sung Statue, and Cooperation Farm (Geumamgol). The observatory offers 500 seats, VIP rooms, and abundant parking space. It was first opened to the public in January 1987.
  • The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel

    The third tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. Unlike the previous two, the third tunnel was discovered following a tip from a North Korean defector. This tunnel is about 1,600 m (5,200 ft) long and about 350 m (1,150 ft) below ground. Foreign visitors touring the South Korean DMZ may view inside this tunnel
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Please write the place in the comment field If you would like to change the meeting place.


– If cancelled up to 1 day before the tour you applied, no fee will be charged. If cancelled later or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the fee will be charged.
– It is possible to pay all the tour fees by credit card or in cash on the tour day.
Tour Condition

– All the tours Include the guide, transportation, admission fee.
– Some morning tours will be dropped off at City hall.(Near Myeongdong)
– We notice that We have no responsibility for your personal incidents and losses during all the tours.
– We are stuck in a traffic jam the pick up service will be delayed.

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PTC(Panmunjeon Travel Center)

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Location: 9th floor at Koreana Hotel 

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