Chuncheon Korea Open Int’l TKD Championships 2017

Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships
A Letter of Introduction

Dear Taekwondo Families,
We are very pleased to inform you that we, Rye Tour Co., Ltd. has been assigned as an official travel agency of The Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships 2017 which will be held in CHUNCHEON CITY, a beautiful lakeside city and the center of Taekwondo, from July 02 to July 07, 2017.(6days)
We have played key role in inbound tourism within Korea since its establishment offering profound service with our bilingual staff, experienced tour guides or translators, top class transportations, comfortable hotels , accommodations and most importantly, best customized itineraries.
With our previous experiences of the CHUNCHEON KOREA OPEN,we would like to offer services as follows,
-Accommodations at Hotels, Resorts and Univercity Dormitary
-Transportations Between Incheon airport and Venue or Hotels in Chuncheon
-Shuttle between Venue and Hotels
-Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
-Tour and Information Desk at your Hotel and Venue as request basis to our company.
Chuncheon City, the birth place of Taekwondo, and the Organizing Committee has long prepared the Championship 2015 that will be a big Taekwondo Festival for all Taekwondo families to gain experience with more Taekwondo skills.
We hope you favor us with your continued concern and participation.
We look forward to seeing you in CHUNCHEON, the Capital of Taekwondo. Thank you.
C K Sung/Director of Rye Tours
E-Mail : Tel. No. 82-2-725-0808 Fax.No.82-2-761-4808

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International Referee

Accommodation Information

Free Tours for Chuncheon TKD 2017


  • Date :July 2~July 7, 2017 (6days)
  • Venue : Hoban Gym, Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province
  • Events : 3 Types of CompetitionsGyeorugi, Gyeongyeon, Color Belts Gyeorugi)
  • Participant Scale : 2,500 people from 60 countries
  • Sanctioned by : World Taekwondo Federation
  • Hosted by : Chuncheon City, Korea Taekwondo Association
  • Organized by
    – Organizing Committee of CHUNCHEON KOREA OPEN International Taekwondo Championships,
    Gangwon-do Taekwondo Association
  • Sponsored by
    – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gangwon province,
    Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Korea National Tourism Organization, Kukkiwon,
    Chuncheon City Taekwondo Association, Adidas
Competition Date Scale
Gyeorugi July 2 (Sun) ~July 7 (Fri) 1,000 • Men’s & Women’s

  • Junior (10 weight divisions)
  • Senior (8 weight divisions)

• Men’s & Women’s 5-player Team
• Children : 8 weight divisions (Mixed gender)

Gyeongyeon July 2 (Sun)~July 5 (Wed) 800 • Recognized Poomsae : Individual/Team/Pair (Children/Junior/Senior)
• Freestyle Poomsae : Individual/Team/Pair (Junior/Senior)
• New Poomsae(Himchari, Saebyeol, Bigak, Nareusya) : Individual/Team/Pair (Junior/Senior)
• Gyeokpa(Sonnal, Jumeok) : Individual (Senior)
Color Belts
July 6 (Thu)~July 7 (Fri) 200 • Color belts (red, blue, yellow mixed)
• Black belts
* Tournament of 4 competitors in each division.
Event Date Place Scale(people) Details
Asia Para Open July 1 (Sat)
Hoban Gym 200 • Athletes from Asia(G4)
• Athletes from other continents (G2)
Opening Ceremony July 1 (Sat) 17:00~18:00 Hoban Gym 4,000 • Opening Ceremony
• Congratulatory performances (Taekwondo Gala show)
July 1 (Sat)
Santorini Restaurant 150 • Gala Dinner
July 7 (Fri)
Hoban Gym 2,000 • Awarding & Closing Ceremony
• Farewell Party
Event Date Place Scale
Cultural Event July 2 (Sun)
~July 7(Thu)
Hoban Gym
(Outdoor stage)
Once a day • Traditional Folk Performances
Entertainment July 2 (Sun)
~July 6(Wed)
Hoban Gym Once a day • Taekwondo Demonstrations
• Dance Performances
• Traditional Folk Performances
Exhibition & Sales July 2 (Sun)~July 7(Thu) Hoban Gym 35 booths • Taekwondo Equipment
• Local Products
Date Event Remarks
April 10 (Mon)~June 16 (Fri) Application Period Online
June 30 (Fri)~July 1 (Sat) Registration 10:00~20:00 Registration Center (Hoban Gym)
June 30 (Fri) Representatives’ Meeting 17:00~ 18:00 BENIKEA Hotel
Chuncheon Bears
Referee Seminar 19:00~20:00 BENIKEA Hotel
Chuncheon Bears
July 1 (Sat) Opening Ceremony 17:00~18:20 Hoban Gym
Welcoming Reception 18:30~20:00 Santorini Restaurant
July 2 (Sun)~July 7 (Fri) Gyeorugi 09:00~18:00 Hoban Gym
July 2 (Sun)~July 5 (Wed) Gyeongyeon 09:00~18:00 Hoban Gym
July 6 (Thu)~July 7 (Fri) Color Belts Gyeorugi 09:00~18:00 Hoban Gym
July 3 (Mon)~July 6 (Thu) Special Events Hoban Gym
July 7 (Fri) Closing Ceremony 18:00~19:00 Hoban Gym

* The time table is subject to change due to circumstances.


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