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Gunsan Airport


Jeollabuk-do Gunsan-si Okseo-myeon Seonyeon-ri 385 / Tel: +82-63-469-8345


Gunsan Airport, located in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do Province, operates only a Gunsan-to-Jeju line as of October 2011. Currently discussion is underway on the introduction of international airline services. Adjacent to the airport are a number of tourist attractions including Saemangeum Sea Wall, Eunpa Lake & Amusement Park, Geumgang Estuary Weir and Gogunsangundo Archipelago.

• Airport Information Center

Available during Gunsan-Jeju airline service hours only (11:00-16:00)

• Airlines Counter

– Korean Air:

– E-star Air:


* Pamphlets and maps of Jeollabuk-do and local cities are available in Korean and Chinese.


1. Bus and Taxi

As of October 2011, only downtown buses headed to Gunsan Bus Terminal and Gunsan Station and express buses headed to Jeonju (via Iksan) are operating in sync with the airline schedule. You may get a cab at the taxi stand (located 20m from the bus station).

Bus info
Destination Bus Type Travel Time Intervals Fare (won)
Gunsan Intercity bus Terminal: 40 min
Gunsan Stn.: 60min
Twice an hour
(20 min / 45 min)
Jeonju Direct bus
(via Iksan)
Iksan: 35 min
Jeonju: 75 min
Dependent on flight times
(12:45, 15:30, 2 times)

* Information in this document is subject to changes and updates without notice.

2. Car Rental

– KT Kumho Rent a Car: +82-63-468-8000

* Gunsan Culture & Tourism homepage (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Num Category BusName BusStop
1 Bus To Gunsan Station(1)

Airport → Haemangdong → Jungangro → Gugunsan Station → Miwondong → Heungnamdong → Bus Terminal → Police → Gwangju Il High School →Guamdong Hyundae APT → Gunsan Station

2 Bus To Gunsan Station(13)

Airport → Samgeori → Okgueup → Gunsan Univ → Naundong → City Hall → Bus Terminal → Gugunsan Station → Heungnam·Miwondong → Gyeongpo Elementary School → Guamdong Hyundae APT → Gunsan Station

3 Town Bus JEONJU


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