Incheon Airport↔Non-stop Sokcho Your Accommodations

Non-stop shuttle service between Incheon Airport and Your Accommodation in Sokcho

convenient, handy, expedient, serviceable, useful!

Paid transportation services for participants

Rye tour offers applicants for HASH non-stop bus to Seokcho for convenience

RYE TOUR,  travel agency of HASH 2017 KOREA, provides comfortable paid bus transportation service.
It takes about 3 hours 30 minutes to Seokcho from Incheon airport, and the price is 38,500won($35) per person.

Incheon Airport↔Non-stop Sokcho Your Accommodations


Reservation Incheon Airport↔Your Accommodation

Price: 38,500won($35) / one-way

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Incheon Airport to accommodation in Sokcho

Seorak Pine resort to Incheon Airport
Date: October 30th "Please check the timetable below. "

*We will let you know if the bus is available as soon as possible. You will receive a voucher by email after we confirm your deposit.

 09:00 10:00 12:00

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