Namdaemun Sutbul Galbi is literally located in Namdaemun

Namdaemun Sutbul Galbi is literally located in Namdaemun.

The small restaurant on a small backstreet in the Namdaemun area has reasonable lunch menu and makes them people stand in line especially during lunch time.


Many people wait around 12 pm.


The most popular menu is Seafood soybean soup
If you add instant noodle, 1000won, you can taste different flavor of the soup.

Put side dishes into a big bawl with rice and mix them to make bibimbap. Add red pepper paste and sesami oil.

・Galbi/beef 소갈비살    12000 won
・Galbi/ pork 되지갈비    9000 won
・Skirt Meat
갈매기살    9000 won
・Wine samgyeopsal 와인삼겹살  *marinated in wine 9000 won
・Neck bone 목살      9000 won
・meat around neck 목항정살    9000 won
・bulgogi by squid and pork 오삼불고기   9000 won
시골우거지탕 * beef soup with outer leaves of cabbage 5000 won
・Galchi Jorim 갈치조림stew made with hairtail fish 5000 won
・Seafood soybean soup 해물된장    5000 won
・Fried Kimchi and port 김삼복이    5000 won
・(set menu with Bulgogi 불고기정식   8000 won
・Sprout bibimbap 새싹비빔밥   5000 won


address 34-114 Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울시 중구 남창동 34-114
Phone 02-757-9241/02-757-9242
Hours 9:00~22:00
Payment methods won or credit cards

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