Nammae deongshim(남매등심)



Address 398-13, Jongno 5ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Phone 02-2272-3034
Hours 10:30~23:30
Payment: Won or credit cards

Ssam means wrapping meat and rice with various leaf vegetables to eat wich sauce like bean-paste or spicy red pepper paste.

which are used to wrap a piece of bite-size meat, along with dwenjang, gochujang or ssamjang paste and some rice into a bundle.

This restaurant in Gwangjang-market alley has been serving up grilled dishes seasoned with hot chili pepper paste for 30 years. Different kinds of meat are marinated in hot chili pepper sauce and then chargrilled. Their marinated medallions of pork loin, called Ddongeurangttaeng, is especially famous. One more famouse menu is grilled Eel



Roast Pork with Chili sauce over charcoal fire 12,000 won

Roast salted or seasoned Eel 13,000 won

Korean beef 30,000 won

Pork belly 12,000 won

Pork neck 12,000 won


Roast pork with chili sauce 12,000 won


Roast eel 13,000 won

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