Rice porridge at Migabon in myeongdong seoul

Varieties of Korean rice porridge at Migabon in Myeongdong

Juk is a predominantly Korean porridge made of grains such as cooked rice, beans, sesame, and red beans.It is known to have nutritional benefits, and is considered to be beneficial to digestion because of its soft texture. It is a staple “get well” dish; a dish to eat when one is sick or recovering from bad health. Juk is also considered an ideal food for babies, and is sold commercially by many juk chain stores in South Korea.

Rice porridge is easily digestible so that it is good for breakfast.

Migabon is in Myeongdong

In a Myeongdong area, many porrige restaurants are located as well as cosmetic shops are. Migabon relocated its restaurant in the same area in 2011 and still many tourists or local officeworkers visit there from early morning.


The restaurant has more than 20 porridge menus

All porridge menus have small side dishes. (Those are free refills.)

Migabon Migabon Migabon


Rice porridge
Vegetables 6,000 won Abalone 10,000 won
Potato 6,000 won Abalone with intestines 20,000 won
Abalone 10,000 won Snow crab 10,000 won
Mushroom 6,000 won Broccoli and shrimp 10,000 won
Mushroom and oyster 7,000 won Abalone and pine mushrooom 15,000 won
Pollack and bean sprouts 6,000 won Pine nut 10,000 won
Rice cake and sweet redbean 6,000 won Beef and mushroom 70,000 won
Shrimp 8,000 won Black sesami 7,000 won
Gingseng 7,000 won Gingseng and chicken 8,000 won
Pumpkin 8,000 won Mung beans 8,000 won
Red bean 7,000 won
Migabon Migabon Migabon Migabon
Abalone Abalone with intestines Broccoli and shrimp Pumpkin
Other Menu
Samgyetang 13,000 won Migabon Migabon
Samgyetang with perilla 15,000 won
Beer 4,000 won
Traditional Tea
Green 4,000 won Citron 4,000 won
Quince 4,000 won Ginger 4,000 won
Ginseng 4,000 won Ginseng juice 7,000 won
Omija 4,000 won Pine needles 4,000 won
Chrysanthemum 4,000 won Herb tonic tea 5,000 won
Migabon Migabon Migabon
Omija Citron
Migabon Migabon
Chrysanthemum Green tea
Address 2F 2-2, Myeongdong 2 ga, Jung-gu
중구 명동2가 2-2 2F
Phone 02-752-0330
Hours 7:40~21:00(Last order 20:40)

Closed on the Lunar New Year’ Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day


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