Sacheon (Jinju) Airport Transportations Buses

Sacheon (Jinju) Airport


Gyeongsangnam-do Sacheon-si Sacheon-eup Guam-ri 1720-1 / Tel: +82-55-831-9300


Sacheon Airport, also known as Jinju Airport, operates flights to Gimpo (daily) and Jeju (Fridays and Sundays) as of October 2011. Near the airport are Aeronautic Museum (5 minutes away), Samcheonpo Daegyo Bridge, Namildae Beach (30 minutes away). Also close by are Jirisan Mountain and Hallyeohaesang Oceanic National Park.

Airport Information Center

– Location:

1st floor (near entrance door)
– Languages:

English, Japanese
– Hours:

07:40 to time of last flight
– Tel:


* Pamphlets and maps of Gyeongsangnam-do and local cities are available in English.


1. Bus

At the Sacheon Intercity Bus Terminal in front of the airport passenger terminal, buses depart for Jinju, Changwon, Geoje, Tongyeong, Samcheonpo, and Goseong (buses leave for Jinju and Samcheonpo every 10~20 minutes, and for Goseong, Tongyeong, and Geoje every 10~30 minutes)

* Information in this document is subject to changes and updates without notice.

2. Car Rental

– AJ Rent a Car:

– KT Kumho Rent a Car:


Gyeongsangnam-do Tourism Guide (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Sacheon Culture & Tourism homepage (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)



Category Service Line Turnaround Time The Time required Etc
Long-Distance Bus Jinju 10~20 minute interval 30~40 minute With a local bus only
Long-Distance Bus Sacheon 15 minutes walk

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