Seoul restaurant Eun-Ho Sikdang, is located in Namdaemun market.

Eun-Ho restaurant, a traditional local restaurant in Namdaemun

ウノ食堂 The ox tail soup.

Eun-Ho Sikdang, founded over 70 years ago, is located in the center of Namdaemun market.

The traditonal local restaurant is open 24 hours and popular among local citizens as well as the marchants in the market, and introduced on a cooking program.

The restaurant only provides various dishes with beef. Their soups and stews are made of lots of cuts of beef.
ウノ食堂 ウノ食堂 ウノ食堂
The popular menu is Kkori gomtang, oxtail soup.

Kkori gomtang is oxtail soup.

This well-boiled soup has now raw smell and meat is very tender so it’s easy to eat.

Oxtails are very special cuts of beef and one oxtail can be cook for the only one dish.


As Dogani tang, a soup of beef knee catilage, contains a lof of collagen, so it is said to be effective in healthy skin.

Kkori tomak Soup of back part of ox tail 19,000 won
Kkori gomtang ox tail soup 17,000 won
Dogani tang soup of beef knee catilage 13,000 won
Somori Gukbap cow’s head soup 12,000 won
Yangji tang soup of brisket and flank 10,000 won
Seolleongtang soup made from ox bones 6,000 won
Haejang Guk soup contains ox blood 7,000 won
Kkori cow’s tail meat 25,000 won
Dogani Suyuk Boilded ox-knee slices 40,000 won
Yangji Suyuk Boiled brisket and flank 35,000 won
Somori Suyuk Boiled ox-head 35,000 won
Kkori jjim ox tail stew 58,000 won
Modeum Suyuk Assorted boiled beef 45,000 won
Bangti jjim stew of rump 55,000 won
Address 50-43 Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  서울시 중구 남창동 50-43번지
Phone 02-753-3263
Hours Mon to Fri : 24 hours oepn
Sat : until 20:00 
Sun : 06:00~20:30
Payment methods won or credit cards

■ Access■


Walk on the main straight from exit No.5 of Hoehyeon station, Line No.4.


Turn left on the third corner and keep waking.


You will see on your right.

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