Sinheungsa Temple (Seoraksan) 설악산 신흥사

Sinheungsa Bronze Buddha in Seoraksan National Park near Sokcho South Korea

Sinheungsa Bronze Buddha in Seoraksan National Park near Sokcho South Korea

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Address: 1137, Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
Address in Korean: 강원도속초시 설악산로 1137 (설악동)
Telephone:  +82-33-636-7044

Current Status : Treasure No. 443

Activity Information
-Temple stay


[From Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal]

– Take an express bus bound for Sokcho Bus Terminal (travel time: 2hr 30min).

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From Sokcho city, take city bus and get off at the entrance of Mt. Seoraksan (10mins interval, 20-25 min ride) and walk 10-minute.

  1. Taxi takes 15-20 min from Sokcho city to the entrance of Mt. Seoraksan.


Sinheungsa (신흥사) is a short 10min walk away from the entrance to Sogongwon. In fact, many visit because of its close proximity to Sogongwon. Sinheungsa is a temple which used to be called Hyangseongsa, built by Jajangyulsa (590~658), who traveled to famous mountains all over the nation, in Queen Jindeok’s (?~654) 6th year of reign. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times since.

On the path to Sinheungsa, there is a great bronze statue called Bronze Jwabul Statue, which is well over 10 meters high. Just beyond the statue, which is on a granite terrace, there is a bridge to the right called Hyeonsugyo, which was newly built for crossing the ravine. Past the bridge there is a long stone wall with a Cheongwang door, and you can enter the temple. At the entrance there are four Cheonwang (king) statues (JigukCheonwang with a sword, DamunCheonwang with a lute, GwangmokCheonwang with a tower, and JeungjangCheonwang with a dragon), placed on either side. The Buddhist statues at Sinheungsa were placed here during the founding days of Seongjeongsa, and include the statues Mireukbosal, Gwaneumbosal and Seji which were sculpted by UisangDaesa. The buildings which were built during that time are still standing, like the sanctuary, main temple, Myeongbujeon, Bojaeru, and Chilseonggak, etc. There is also an important cultural property, Treasure No. 443, called Hyangseongsaji, a three-story stone tower.

You can reach the Ulsan boulder by following the wall outside Sinheungsa. Sinheungsa is an ancient temple with deep historical significance, and many tourists come because of its beautiful scenery.

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