Ulsan Airport transportations Buses

Ulsan Airport


Ulsan-si Buk-gu Songjeong-dong 522 / Tel: +82-52-288-7011


Ulsan Airport, located on the outskirts of Ulsan Metropolitan City, operates
airlines to Gimpo (daily), Jeju (Fridays and Sundays) and Yangyang (daily) as of
October 2011.

• Tourist Information Center

– Location:

1st floor (near entrance door)
– Languages:

English, Japanese
– Hours:

09:00 – 18:00
– Tel:


* Pamphlets and brochures about local attractions are available in English
and Japanese.


1. Bus and Taxi

– City Bus Platform:

110 m walk across the airport parking lots
– Intercity Bus Platform (for buses to Gyeongju, Pohang):

buses depart every 20 minutes from the opposite side of the city bus
– Taxi platform:

in front of airport passenger terminal

* Information in this document is subject to changes and updates without

2. Car Rental

– KT Kumho Rent a Car:

– AJ Rent a Car:

– Unity Rent a Car:



Num Category BusName BusStop
1 Seat bus To Yulri Parking/Mohwa(1402)

Yulri Parking-Gongeoptap-Hyundae Department-UlsanStation-Hwabong Middle School-UlsanAirport-Mohwa

2 Bus To Yulri Parking/Mohwa(402)

Yulri Parking-Donggang Hospital-Buk Ulsan Telephone Office-Byeongyeong crossroads-UlsanAirport-Ehwa-Mohwa

3 Bus To Yulri Parking/Mohwa(412)

Yulri Parking-Gongeoptap-Buk Ulsan Telephone Office-Byeongyeong crossroads-Hwabong Middle School-UlsanAirport-Shincheon -Mohwa

4 Bus To Yulri Parking/Ssangyong Ajin 3th(432)

Yulri Parking-Gongeoptap-Hyundae Department-Buk gu office-Nam Mun-Hwabong Middle School-Ulsan Airport-Ssangyong Ajin 3th

5 Bus To Yulri Parking/Maegok(442)

Yulri Parking-Donggang Hospital-HakseongPark-Buk Ulsan Telephone Office -Hwabong Middle School-UlsanAirport-Maegok

6 Bus To Yulri Parking/JuYeondong(452)

Yulri Parking-Court-Gongeoptap-City Hall-Byeongyeong crossroads-Buk gu office-UlsanAirport-Ssangyong Ajin-Dalcheon-Gadae-JuYeondong

7 Bus To Samsan/Cheongok Anam APT(712)

Samsan-Gongeoptap-City Hall-Junggu Office-Buk gu office- Nam Mun-Hwabong Middle School-UlsanAirport-Cheongok Anam APT

8 Bus To Samsan/Cheongok Anam APT(722)

Samsan-Gongeoptap-City Hall-Buk Ulsan Telephone Office-Buk gu office-UlsanAirport-Ssangyong Ajin-Cheongok Anam APT

9 Bus To Samsan/Cheongok(732)

Samsan-Gongeoptap-City Hall-Buk gu office- Nam Mun-Hwabong Middle School -UlsanAirport-Cheongok

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