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Main Store
Address  2F, 63-3 Chungmuro-2ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
중구 충무로2가 63-3
Phone  02-3789-1945
Hours Weekdays: 11:30~23:00 (Last order : 21:50)
weekends: 11:30 – 22: 30
Closed on the day of Korean Thanksgiving Day and Lunar New Year’s Day
Payment: won and credit cards.
coupon-small 5~10%OFF

Other branches

Myeongdong 2nd Branch

Address: 2F 34-1 Myeongdong 1 ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
중구명동1가 31-1 2F
Phone: 02-3789-1946

Myeongdong 3rdBranch

Address: 2F 25-6 Chungmuro 1 ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
중구충무로1가 25-6

Jongno Branch

Address: 2F 24 15gil Samildaero, Jongnogu, Seoul
Phone: 02-720-3066

Cityhall Branch
Address: 2F 21 Mugyoro, Junggu Seoul
Phone: 02-755-9229

Wangbijip Beef galbi set

Wangbijip provides Korean barbecue at reasonable price!

Speaking of Korea, ,Korean barbecue or Bulgogi come to mind.

It’s more popular to eat pork than beef in Korea. Wangbijib offers you both pork and beef Korean style barbecue.

Easy access to the restaurant.

Wangbijib is very close to Myeongdong station, Line No.4. Myongdong is the most popular tourist site where you can spend the whole day in shopping, getting a massage, eating, or whatever you do.

The restaurant opens at 11am, so you can have reasonable lunch set menus as well as Korean barbecue.

At Korean barbecue restaurants, you will see pipes hanging from the ceiling. That is an exhaust pipe to remove the smoke while cooking. Each table has the pipe.

The popular menu is a set meal of pork Galbi, and Korean beef Bulgoki

Set meal of pork Galbi 12,000 won, 11am to 5pm: 10,000 won

Because of their meal plans at reasonable prices, the place becomes full by local office workers.
Except for the busiest times, the set menu is available for one person. The meal comes with noodle, soup, side dishes, and Galbi and vegetables to wrap meat.

The very soft pork is served after grilled.

* During lunch time, order at least for two persons

Set meal of Pork Galbi
Beef Bulgoki set

Set meal of Korean Beef Bulgogi    15,000 won

* This set meal doesn’t include stew.

Most popular menu is Bulgogi, Korean grilled beef
Bulgogi is made from thin slices of sirloin or other prime cuts of beef. Before cooking, the meat is marinated to enhance its flavour and tenderness with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, pepper, and other ingredients such as scallions, ginger, onions or mushrooms, especially added enoki mushrooms. Pureed pears, kiwi and onions are often used as tenderizers. Cellophane noodles are added to the dish.



Wangbijip Beef galbi set

Grilled marinated beef 
20,000 won

Beef Bulgoki set

set meal of Korean beef
15,000 won

Set meal of beef bristket

Set meal of Grilled beef brisket
13,000 won
  *12,000won during 11:30~17:00 

Set meal of Pork Galbi

Set meal of Grilled pork ribs 
12,000 won
*10,000 won during 11:30-17:00

Grilled premium beef sirloin

Grilled premium beef sirloin 150g
안심한우 생등심
34,000 won

Grilled assorted premium beef 150g

Grilled assorted premium beef 150g
안심한우 한마리
32,000 won

Grilled premium beef belly

Grilled premium beef belly 150g
안심한우 알업진살 
31,000 won

Grilled beef brisket

Grilled beef brisket 150g
25,000 won


Premium beef tartare

Premium beef tartare 150g
안심한우 육회

Grilled unfrozen pork belly

Grilled unfrozen pork belly 150g
13,000 won

Grilled spareibs

Grilled spareribs 150g
14,000 won

Grilled pork neck meat

Grilled pork neck meat 150g
15,000 won


Grilled assorted pork

Grilled assorted pork 300g

Grilled big-sized beef ribs marinated in soy sauce

Grilled big-sized beef ribs marinated in soy sauce 250g
33,000 won

Seafood Pancake

Seafood Pancake
14,000 won

Chicken ginseng soup

Chicken ginseng soup
13,000 won


banquet noodles

banquet noodles

noodles with vegetables sauce

noodles with vegetables sauce
6,000 won

Gallery * Click here to enlarge


Set Menu
Grilled assorted premium beef + grilled assorted pork + Light meal 2 persons 69,000 won-> 66,000 won
Grilled big-sized beef ribs marinated in soy sauce + Grilled premium beef ribs + Light meal 2 persons 71,000 won-> 68,000 won
light meals Additional menu * available when order meat
soybean paste stew with oil cake   4,500 won
banquet noodles   4,500 won
Noodles with vegetables and sauce   4,500 won
Soju   4,000 won
Beer   5,000 won
Draft beer   4,500 won
Cheongha   5,000 won
Baekseju   9,000 won
Oipseju   11,000 won
Seoljungmae   9,000 won
Maechwisun   9,000 won
Rasberry wine   10,000 won
Coke, cider   2,000 won
Chinese tea   4,000 won
Iced tea   4,000 won

Way to Go

Myeongdong Station No.9

Go straight from Exit No. 9 of Myeongdong Station

Turn right on the first corner and keep going

Turn right on the first corner and keep going

You will see Woori bank

You will see Woori bank and turn left.

Wangbijip is kitty-corner from the bank

Wangbijip is kitty-corner from the bank


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