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Wonju Airport


Gwangwon-do Hoengseong-gun Hoengseong-eup Gokgyo-ri 111-1 / Tel: +82-33-344-3311


Wonju Airport operates a Wonju-to-Jeju line only as of October 2011. Different from other airports, Wonju Airport has a passenger terminal located 1.5km away from the airport runway, which means after check-in, passengers need to take an airport shuttle (about 20 minutes) to board their flight. Wonju Airport provides transportation information (including in English) at an airport information center open during airline operation hours.

• Airlines Counter

– Korean Air:



1. Bus

At the bus stop in front of the passenger terminal building, you may take a bus to Hoengseong Intercity Bus Terminal, Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal, and Wonju Railway Station (available every 10 minutes)

* Bus stops are located on the right after exiting the airport.
   All intercity buses stop at the airport.
* When traveling to the Gangwon-do, Gyeonggi-do, and Chungcheongnam-do areas from Wonju Airport, use the Hoengseong and Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal and Wonju Train Station (Jungang line).
   For Hongcheon/Chuncheon: Hoengseong Intercity Bus Terminal
   For Jecheon/Yeongwol: Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal

2. Taxi

Taxis are located in front of the passenger terminal

Taxi Destination Travel Time
Destination Travel Time
Hoengseong Intercity Bus Terminal 5 min
Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal 25 min
Wonju Express Bus Terminal 25 min
Wonju Station 20 min
Air routes
Air routes
Route Departure Arrival
Domestic Route Wonju – Jeju 15:05 Jeju – Wonju 14:15

* Information in this document is subject to changes and updates without notice.



Num Category BusName BusStop
1 Town Bus HoengseongLong-distance bus terminal Airport↔HoengseongLong-distance bus terminal
2 Town Bus WonjuLong-distance bus terminal Airport↔WonjuLong-distance bus terminal
3 Town Bus WonjuStation Airport↔WonjuStation

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