Yeoju Premium Outlet


Address  460 Sanggu-ri, Yeoju-eup, Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Telephone  +82-1644-4001
Operating Hours :  Open all year roundn all year round

10:00-20:00 from Sun to Fri
10:00-21:00 on Sat
10:00-21:00 from Jul to Aug


By Bus

Seoul → Yeoju

Traveling route Traveling Time Fares Time Schedule
East Seoul


1 hr 30 mins

Adult : 4,900won

Student : 3,400won

Children : 2,500won

Please visit East Seoul Terminal

homepage for detailed schedule and reservations.

See Time Schdule

Express Bus Terminal

1 hr 10 mins

Adult : 4,900won

Student : 3,700won

Children : 2,450won

Please visit Gangnam Express Bus

Terminal homepage for detailed

schedule and reservations.

See Time Schdule

ㆍ Get off at Yeoju Cross-country Bus Terminal and take the urban bus from across the terminal
ㆍ (No. 51-11, 51-13) to Yeoju Premium Outlets.

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There are more than 270 stores, featuring designer and name brands, and customer services such as information centers, restaurants, restrooms, coin lockers, repair shops, and more. Print this map in advance for greater convenience when visiting Yeoju Premium Outlets.


The outlet has many facilities including an information center, cafes, a small convenient store, a large food court where you can eat Chinese, Sushi, or humbergers, coin lockers and a play lot for kids.

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